Harry Crawford

Since becoming a Legislator, Harry's whole reason for being is to leave behind an Alaska that offers the same abundance of opportunity that he found when he made the trip up the highway. He has worked tirelessly for responsible development of our young state's resources and infrastructure. Getting our natural gas to market, developing our huge shale oil reserves, building rail lines into the Interior to open resources such as the Arctic deposit in the Ambler Mining District and building sustainable renewable energy projects similar to the Bradley Lake model and the Fire Island Wind Farm are examples of some of the projects he advocates for.

Providing the kind of jobs that leave some paycheck left over at the end of the month with the security of health care and a stable retirement, are some of his major reasons for wanting to be your State Senator.

Please join with Harry in his goal of making Alaska the best place it can be to live, work, play, and raise a family.

Crawford for Alaska

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