Harry Crawford for State House

After moving to Alaska in 1975 to help build the Trans-Alaska Pipeline as an Iron Worker, I met my wife Gwen. We chose to live in East Anchorage to build a family and a future. 

When I came to Alaska, I had a simple task – to do my job, and to do it well. I worked hard to help build the pipeline, roads, bridges, and buildings which now serve as critical infrastructure for our state. When I served in the State House, I had the same simple task, and I worked hard on behalf of Alaska’s families. 

I served in the State House from 2001 to 2010, where I focused on energy, education funding, transparent government, and public safety. Frustrated with the political corruption in Juneau, I co-authored and sponsored ballot initiatives which reduced campaign contributions and required election (not appointment) of US Senate vacancies, both of which passed by wide margins. While in the State House, we fully-funded Alaska’s government while putting billions of dollars in savings into Alaska’s Constitutional and Statutory Budget Reserves.

Every Alaskan should have the opportunities the state has afforded me and my family, and that is why I am running for State House.